Chess Skills Improvement: Visualization

There are many people that will look back on their life, they would say that if only they have known before what they have known now. If you are someone that is attracted or interested in chess, you might have realized such thought when it comes to the improvement of your chess visualization skills. It will actually take years for your visualization ability to be developed, yet these are tips that will assist your skills in conquering chess visualization. While mastering the following tips, you are free to discover them in the midst of comfort with the portable air conditioner without hose.

  1. Solving thousands of puzzles:

Without the actual move of the board, you will not learn that much if you will stay looking at those diagrams and considering some forward moves, the choice of puzzle is not really clear or obvious, the following points are not recommended.

-The exercise of announcing ahead or in advance the number of moves that it takes to mate. It is a  clue upon having the number of moves to mate, this will generally lead to possible solutions, thus the fields of imaginations will be considerably reduced.

-The exercise that will let the tactical device being used to be revealed.  Unless your intent  is learning the basic tactics, if you will know ahead the technique which you think is the best to use will not allow you to calculate the variations at your most ability.

– Too many mating exercises. This method can be valuable in the development of your visualization skills in chess, as they are based generally on the forced moves, yet to keep on doing or training using this strategy will not stimulate your potential to the maximum.  Like the maximum relaxation you can obtain from Best Portable Air Conditioner.

  1. Reading variations of annotated games without moving the pieces:

Never rush to make a move on the board, when you are studying an annotated game. You should be able to visualize how the board looks like and strive to follow the moves. Then, the next thing to do is to compare what your vision is to the actual board.

  1. Pattern recognition:download (6)

An ability of having a highly developed chess visualization is to have a great database of those patterns of familiar tactic. Because of these patterns, you will be able to visualize those existing unfamiliar patterns, and if you have found that these are clever tactics that are existing, and if so use or play them.   is considered as the mother or skills, if you keep on repeating the same material you will sooner or later remember and understand it finally. The more patterns you will discover, the easier for you to visualize the next moves.


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